Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Garden State Modular Homes blog! This is an exciting step for us here at Garden State and we are glad that you get to be a part of this experience.

Over the past 30 years, we have established a reputation for quality construction and personalized services that result in high-end residential homes. And with this blog, we get the opportunity to share our industry experience to inform the past, present, and future modular home buyers about all aspects of modular.

Whether you have questions about the process, the benefits, or the results, consider this blog your resource for building a new home.

It is our intent to make this blog about you and your home building process as much as possible! So if there is a topic we have yet to cover, we want you to tell us, as we encourage comments, suggestions, and feedback with each post.

We look forward to the exciting posts to come and we hope to see you back on the Garden State blog next week as we share 5 benefits of building a modular home!