Garden State Modular Homes Design Center

Garden State Modular Homes features a one-of-a-kind design center in Lavallette that employ 3D rendering technology to craft high-quality custom homes. While some other builders have access to some similar services, our command of the software and ability to render fine details and walk-throughs, while you watch, is unmatched. We encourage you to visit us to see all that we have to offer.

Design Process Basics:
The structure: We begin with an introductory meeting to discuss general project parameters, including budgets, required rooms, lot requirements, and unique ideas to give your home a personal touch. With this general understanding of your project, we design one or more concepts as a baseline to continue discussions. In subsequent meetings, we utilize our 3D software to tour you through the concept and make live design changes.

Materials selections: Based upon earlier discussions, each home starts with specifications that are tuned to your project goals. Once the project commences, an experienced interior designer will work with you to make decisions on included items and discuss any changes you would like to make. This extra attention ensures that our customers have creative support to equip their custom homes with personalized features in an efficient and low stress process.

Take a look at the example below, which shows the levels of detail we offer.