Garden State Modular Homes Profile

Garden State Modular Homes has established its reputation for enduring construction, quality of service, and high-fashion homes with over 30 consecutive years in custom residential building. Our attention to detail, organization, and patience in the design process mean that your home will be artfully crafted, smoothly constructed, efficiently managed, and a pleasure to plan.

Mark Fertakos began his career as a builder in 1979 with his father Jim, and has built over 200 stick-built homes throughout New Jersey. Together with Dan Chomik, who manages site-craftsmanship, Mark built a career that focused on delivering high quality homes to individual families in New Jersey.

Garden State Modular Homes was created when Mark and Jason Fertakos combined their efforts to bring the highest quality construction to the widest range of people. By leveraging the efficiency and flexibility of design of modular construction, Garden State Modular Homes is able to produce higher quality homes with superior aesthetics, lower cost, and with reliably shorter construction schedules. This means that Garden State Modular Homes is uniquely able to offer the Best for Your Budget.