The Garden State Modular Homes Difference

There are many home builders that you could choose from to build your custom home. But do you know what you are paying for and what their home building process has in store for you?

Here at Garden State Modular Homes, we pride ourselves in being different from other builders. We put you at the center of our process to design, create, and work together from Day 1 so that you are empowered through every stage of the home building process.

With Garden State Modular Homes, you will notice our focus on quality, creativity, honesty, and our ability to get the job done on-time and on-budget!

We don’t hide the ball

Many volume builders focus on the square-foot price of a home without clearly explaining what that contract price comes with. With these builders, you will typically receive builder-grade and undefined generic parts, a long-timeline, little face-time and an unknown but certain list of necessary upgrades and add-ons.

But with Garden State, the price you pay comes from the unique goals you want to achieve and the features you want to include in your home. So when we build your home, you know exactly what you are paying for. We can build a value-house too, but not without giving you a full education on what that price means.

We don't hide the ball

We know what we’re selling

In a custom-world, a contract price, let-alone a ballpark number is often missing necessary parts. It is easy to exclude the cost of the architectural plans, budget for permits and insurance, and finish items based upon what you actually want. This means that when you approach a builder about the cost of a home, they may not know what the previous client spent on their kitchen, flooring, plans, and finishes.

But with Garden State, we stand by your side from Day 1. You’re not on your own to outfit a home with a quality kitchen, hardwood floors, and tile. We can fully account for all of the project costs for our clients based on their unique goals and features included. And if there is something we don’t include in the home, we’ll tell you what that is and what you should expect to pay for it. That way you know what the home will really cost before you get too deep in the building process.


We’re flexible to meet your needs

We treat each client that walks through our doors as a unique challenge and opportunity to create a home that fulfills the requests of the homeowner. We start the process with a sit down meeting to talk about your wants and needs for your new home. And we’ll talk about how to accomplish those goals in a way that is the best fit for you.

If you need to move fast with an existing plan, we’ll help to find the right one for you! If you want to follow a more traditional route, we have solutions that will get you to your goal! But if you want to create a custom-designed home, that is our specialty!

Building a home that is perfect for you is about the process. And unlike most builders, we work with you, not against you. From the very beginning, we don’t hide the ball so that you know exactly what you are paying for. We know what we are selling so that we can give our clients an accurate cost of the home before the building process starts. And we’re flexible to meet the needs of each unique client that walks through our doors.

Beautifully Crafted HomesSo who are you going to trust to build your next home? We hope that it’s Garden State Modular Homes!