The Best Way to Build

What is a modular home?
Simply defined, a modular home is the same as a “stick-built” or traditionally constructed home, except that it is built in large components in an environmentally controlled assembly line. Typically, these large components are built in the factory, shipped to site, assembled (in one day!), and then are finished on-site soon thereafter. Depending on your level of finishing, more or less components of your home will be completed in the factory, but the main structure of the home will always be built off-site.

Time to complete a modular home:
The conceptual design process can take as little as one day, but usually lasts no longer than a few weeks. We can also work with you over a longer timeline as you plan the best time to build.

The time to build from a signed contract is usually 8-9 months, with site time representing 3-5 months of that number. The early months are used to convert conceptual designs to custom engineered plans, create site documents, and file and receive permits. The timeline can be shorter for existing designs, though most customers prefer to design a custom home with us.

What makes us different from other builders?
Stick-builders: Our superior organization, climate-controlled construction, and utilization of modular efficiency mean that your home will be built without the mistakes and oversights of traditional construction, that your home will not be exposed to weather and mold during construction, and that your home can be built better and with more upgrades for far less money than with traditional construction. In addition, modular homes are designed and built in far less time than traditional construction. In sum, Garden State Modular Homes will have the same or better features and aesthetics as a traditionally built home, but will cost less and take less time to build.

Other modular builders: In order to be a great modular builder, you must be the best type of stick-builder. Our experience and superior skills in traditional construction allow us to approach modular construction with the know-how and ingenuity to provide superior design, anticipate issues during the planning phase, and provide solutions before your home approaches the assembly line. On-site, our background in traditional construction allows us to provide you with the finest custom touches and finishing in the industry. This means that our homes have all of the benefits of both traditional “stick” and modular construction.