Why am I here?

You are here because we are the best-suited company to build your custom home. Better than “stick” builders, better than other modular builders. You may be wondering how we do it. Here’s why.

The answer is simple: it’s our team. We are dedicated to a quality product, accurate information, and getting the job done. We are dedicated to our clients. Other reasons are:

  • We offer high-end design with no compromises.  See for yourself.
  • We lead the way.  Our design-process is geared to produce concepts that meet your criteria faster and with less frustration than going-it-alone with an architect.  We design to meet your needs, including budget, from day one.
  • We include the items you want.  We give you straightforward and competitive pricing with realistic final inclusions – not builder grade “standards”.
  • We control the project timeline for faster, reliable results.  You don’t need to wait a year to move in, and our houses don’t sit abandoned on sites.  Our ideal finish time is three months from set, 8-10 months from contract.
  • We control project pricing to give you the most reliable value.  You can take our contracts to the bank.
How do we do it?  It’s our team.  We are dedicated to a quality product, accurate information, and getting the job done.  We are dedicated to our clients.

What we’re not:

  • We are not a typical stick-builder.  We guide you through the entire design and build process and present informed budgets and timelines.  We are uniquely able to get it done.
  • Most stick-builders rely on the client, architect, and engineer to get to the permit stage.  We’ll present you with a path to completion and lead you there.
  • Most stick-builders are ignorant about total project costs.  We include “soft costs” like site engineering, architecture, insurance, and quality interior inclusions.  We project the whole package for you and lay out what your risks are.
  • Most stick-builders only build one or two homes a year, which means they are not exposed to many modern techniques, and they do not have the volume of work to command efficient production.  We build sophisticated homes on a reliable timeline because we aim to build about ten unique homes a year.
  • We are not a typical modular builder.  Our homes are beautiful and our contracts are reliable.
  • Most modular builders build unattractive homes.  It’s true.  We know that modular construction is the same as site construction in the end, and we put forth the effort to give you better design elements.  It’s simply a matter of effort and understanding how the homes are constructed.
  • Most modular builders’ contracts are woefully inadequate, leaving soft costs for later and specifying inadequate inclusions to make the initial price artificially low.  Our pricing may seem higher than others in the beginning, but our reliable and inclusive projections will save you dollars and frustration in the end.  Our pricing is honest.
You are here because we are the best option for building your new home. For more information, call 732.854.1985 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.