What Will be Your Kitchen’s WOW Factor?

What does your kitchen mean to you? Is it a functional place to prepare food, or an entertaining space? Maybe it falls somewhere in between. The fact is, a home’s kitchen is where family and friends gather; where conversation happens, where you enjoy meals and companionship.
When you build with Garden State, you get to make your kitchen a reflection of your personality. You determine the perfect balance of function and feature!

Making Your Selections Count

Making Your Selections Count Once your project commences, our design team will meet with you to discuss choices for your home. We start with the kitchen and baths, as they can include the most detail and allow clients a great opportunity to imbue their personality to the home.  With our assistance, clients pick from a…

What Smart Thermostat is Right for Your Home

What Smart Thermostat is Right for Your Home More people than ever before are converting their homes to smart homes. With household assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to smart thermostats that monitor the temperature of the home based on various presets, these technological advances help to provide comfort and convenience to your everyday…